Assistance to private and public sector companies and professional business organisations to successfully navigate workplace challenges. Equal opportunity compliance guidance. Compliance with health and safety laws and regulations. Representation in courts of all instances in national, international and community litigation. Specialised in unionised employees (labour law) and non-union employees (employment law). Collective bargaining agreement negotiation experts. Experts in executive labour relations.

Individual employment agreements

  • Advice on employment conditions, changes to working conditions and short time, lay-offs and mass redundancy and termination of individual contracts of employment
  • Implementation of discipline protocols
  • Guidance and defence on social security matters
  • Legal representation of individuals in courts and tribunals, claims for rights and amounts, dismissal, resignation and voluntary redundancy, protection of fundamental rights, changes to working conditions, etc
  • Disputes with the administrative agency in the Labour Courts


Labour Relations Management

  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements and corporate agreements (atypical pacts and non-statutory agreements).
  • Attending negotiation committees for all types of agreements (statutory and non-statutory agreements) and collective bargaining, interpretation and administration committees.
  • Mass redundancy agreements (suspension, short time, lay-off, modification of work conditions, transfers and mobility)
  • Advice on changes to work protocols
  • Court representation in collective disputes, challenges to collective agreements, etc.
  • Procedures, substantive changes to collective working conditions, protection of fundamental rights, etc.


Occupational risk prevention

  • Legal advice on occupational risk prevention
  • Legal analysis of the company’s prevention protocols and study of concurrent subcontractors and relationships with subcontractors
  • Representation before administrative agencies in generic and specific proceedings
  • Filing pleadings, appeals and claims through administrative channels
  • Legal representation in occupational risk prevention matters in all jurisdictions
  • Technical-legal occupational risk prevention reports
  • Assistance in the event of a serious occupational accident