Alfredo Cerezales Fernández

Partner and Lawyer
Public Law
A Coruña
Galician, Spanish, Portuguese, French


Public servant since 1982, lawyer and head of public administration management positions.

Qualified in Law.

2013 – Present Day) Lawyer, EJASO ETL GLOBAL – Public Law Department and head of Galicia branch.

(2004-2011) General Manager of Planning Department of A Coruña City Council.

(2004-2011) Advisor to the Board of Directors of Municipal Water Company of A Coruña (EMALCSA).

(2005-2011) Member of the Board of Directors, as technical adviser, of the company EMVSA (Empresa Municipal de Vivienda, Servicios y Actividades S.A. A Coruña City Council).

(2000-2004) Managing Director of Municipal Housing and Land Company of Santiago de Compostela.

(1996-1999) Manager of Municipal Planning, Vigo.

(1995-1996) Official Technical Office of the Mayor’s office in Vigo. Setting up the Municipal Planning Office.

(1989-1995) Practicing lawyer of the Colleges of Vigo, A Coruña, Pontevedra and Ourense.

(1984-1989) Secretary of the Court of Peace and Civil Registry.

(1982-1989) Municipal official. Currently on leave.

Professor of courses and masters organized by INAP, EGAP, College of Roads Engineers, College of Architects, etc.

Collaboration with sports and cultural associations.