Mariano Aguayo Fernández de Córdova

Partner and Lawyer. Competition law. Civil law. Commercial Law.
Competition Law. Oil
Spanish, English.


Qualified in Law at the University of Córdoba, 1987.
IESE Business School-University of Navarre. Graduate in PADE: Senior Business Management Programme. Course 08/09. Class President.

San Telmo International Instrument. Graduate in AD-1, Management programme. Course 01/02.

  • President of the Córdoba Young Lawyers’ Association, 92-96
  • Extraordinary Award School of Juridical Practice. Córdoba,1991.
  • President and founder of Mariano Aguayo Abogados in 1990. In March 2017, this firm specialised in the industrial energy sector and a benchmark in the world of Service Stations joined EJASO ETL GLOBAL.
  • President of the Association of Minority Shareholders of Energy Companies and Secretary General of the Association of Service Station Owners.
  • He advisers several organisations in several industrial sectors.
  • He has been involved in several significant matters such as representing minority shareholders of the Endesa Opa and different sentences to large Spanish oil companies by the competition authorities.
  • He has contributed to several national and local media organisations and, since 1995, he has been a regular writer in the magazine “Estaciones de Servicio”.
  • Lecturer at the Department Commercial Law of the UCO.
  • Lecturer of the Loyola Andalucía University, as part of the Master’s Degree in Initiation to the Legal Profession.