Paloma Zamora Cejudo

Labour and Employment Law
Spanish, English, French.


Qualified in law, practising law since 2008 in the areas of Civil Law, Honourable Rights and Mortgage Law for 5 years, and

Labour Law. Member of the Bar Association of Madrid.

Currently, my speciality is the Labour Law, in which I have specialised since 2013. My functions entail two areas of the practice of law:

A) Labour-legal advice to our national and international corporate clients, individuals and unions.

B) Legal representation of our customers vis-a-vis the administration (administrative and judicial phases) in all instances.

Qualified in Law, Complutense University of Madrid.

Course on hiring, modification and dismissal at Centro de Estudios Garrigues.

Practising lawyer at Estudio Jurídico Ejaso (ETL GLOBAL) (2008 to Present Day), practising member, appearances in all instances:

(2013- Present Day) in the Labour and Employment Law Department; Labour advice to business, private individuals and trade unions; and legal assistance to our customers vis-a-vis the Administration.

(2011- 2013) In the Mortgage Law Department: responsible for the BANCO POPULAR portfolio, managing its banking products. Quality and tenancy right procedures, providing legal advice in court to different types of clients.

(2008- 2013) In the Right to Personality Department, process-trial lawyer. Defence lawyer in court, bringing actions involving TV channels, television producers, publishers and companies.