Amor Navarro



For more than four years I worked for   “CORVIAM EMPRESA CONSTRUCTORA”, responsible for the administration department.

From 1981 until December 2014, I worked at M. e I. FALCÓ ABOGADOS, where I was also responsible for the Occupational Hazard Prevention Plan at the Zaragoza office.

Since January 2015 I have been at ESTUDIO JURIDICO EJASO, S. L., doing management and accountancy work.

High school diploma.

Executive Secretary

Four years as a manager at CORVIAM EMPRESA CONSTRUCTORA.

From 1981 to December 2014, M. e I. FALCÓ ABOGADOS.

Since January 2015 at ESTUDIO JURIDICO EJASO, S. L.

15 years as a dance teacher.

I collaborate with different organisations involving charity galas.