Carlos Francisco Navarro Muñoz

Labour and Employment Law


On 15 October 1988, a leap year, a child was born in Seville, who would later start revolutionising the practice of law.

First-born son of Lola from Seville and Paco from Granada (hence the name Carlos Francisco, in case you hadn’t realised).

Rumour has it, but I’m sure it isn’t true, that I didn’t sleep through the night for five years, and from the faces I pulled, they guessed what I would become.

Later, I inherited my maternal grandfather’s love for what is the world’s best football team, even though it doesn’t win very often, Real Betis Balompié.

I spent my childhood and youth surrounded by my siblings Jesús, Juan and Marta.

Right now I am making one of my dreams come true by working and learning to be the best lawyer in the world so that the first paragraph of my biography will come true.

Qualified in Law at the University of Seville.

Master’s Degree Initiation to the Legal Profession, also at the University of Seville.

Civil-Commercial Mediation Course.

Specialisation in Gender Violence Course.

(September 2018 – Present Day) Ejaso ETL Global.

(2017-2018) Fundación Socio Laboral.