Laura Sagrado Bernaldez

Labour and Employment Law


I studied Social Labour at the Labour School of Madrid, doing courses in Payroll, Social Security, accounting and IT to improve my knowledge of personnel management, which was my chosen profession.

I have worked in personnel and human resources management in several companies, sometimes recruiting staff.

For a while I worked as a responsible for Customer Service and Direction Secretary in the multinational Schoeller Allibert, SA.

Social Labour, Escuela Social de Madrid

Payroll and Social Insurance – Academia BLUME

Financial accounting – Academia BLUME

Office automation – Centro de Estudios San Isidro


Direct Settlement System


Personnel management officer at several companies: Anper and Partners SA, Gesticom Asefarma SA 2012, Management, Tax Managers SA, Vedior Laborman ETT, EEC SA.

For a while I was responsible for Customer Service and Executive Secretary at multinational Schoeller Allibert, SA.