Maite Gómez Martín

Tax Law
Spanish, English.


I work primarily in the accounting field, especially advice on accounting and tax.

Management Software Technician. Vocational Training II. María Moliner Secondary School.

(2009-2010) Course in Accountancy and Taxation: Corporate income tax and VAT.

Academia CEF, 39 hours (Guidance on new concepts of accounting and their application in the tax area, primarily two taxes: corporation income tax and VAT).

(2008) Practical Application of the new Spanish Chart of Accounts. Academia ADAMS, 36 hours (Analysis of changes introduced by the Accounting Act and its implementing regulation in the text of the new Spanish Chart of Accounts).

(2005) Tax Management. Academia Cease, 60 hours (Income tax, Value added tax and corporation tax).

(2003) Area Manager. Distance learning course and with interactive videodisc modality Understanding Business Activity).

(2003) Account Management and Balance Sheet Analysis. Academia Pirámide, 60 hours (Structure of balance sheets, structure of income statement, ratios…).

(1997) Management IT Applications. Academia CEASE, 300 hours (Financial Accountancy, Spanish National Chart of Accounts, Computerised Accounts, ?Extra ver.3.5?, MS-DOS, WINDOWS 95, WORD 97, ACCESS 97, EXCEL 97).

(1997). IT. Academia Logos, 30 hours (MSDOS v.6.2, WINDOWS v.3.11, WORDPERFECT v.5.1 and MICROSOFT WORD v.6.0).

(1996) Computerised financial accounting. Academia Cease, 100 hours (Manager of Extra Soft and Golden ++).

(2009): Clerk: TAX CONSULTANCY. Functions: Computerised accounting (A3 programme), monthly accounts (consolidated), quarterly and company.

(2008): Clerk: GEPROLAR PROMOCIONES INMOBILIARIAS. Functions: Computer Accounting (PRINEX and logic programmes), and payments to suppliers (promissory notes, checks…)

(2006-2008) Clerk. HEREDIA CRUCES, S.L.. Functions: Computer Accounting (NCS and Contaplus) quarterly, income and corporate.

(1999-2006) Clerk. LOPEZ ALVAREZ ASESORES, S.L.

Functions: Computer Accounting (NCS and Contaplus) quarterly, income and corporate.

(1998-1999) Administrative Assistant. POLO RESTAURACIONES, S.L. Functions: Manual accounting.

(1995-1996) Sales assistant – Accountant. LIBRERÍA DIAGONAL. Functions: Sales assistant and computerised accounting with the PCONTA accounting program.