Paloma Sánchez Fernández

Banking Law


Born in Madrid in 1989.

I started studying law in 2008 and qualified five years later.

In 2014, while studying a Master’s Degree in Legal Practice, I started working as an independent lawyer. This I did for four years, undertaking the tasks of the profession.

I am currently employed as a lawyer at this Professional Firm, specialising entirely in Banking Law.

Higher Business Consultancy Course (2016 – 2017)

(2013-2015) Master’s Degree in Initiation to the Legal Profession, King Juan Carlos University, Madrid.

(2008 – 1996) Law Degree, Complutense University of Madrid.

(2016) Essentials of Criminal Proceedings. (15 hours)

(2012) Basic Management Course for Labour Companies. (44 hours)

(2011) Seminar on Consumers and Law. (32 hours)

(2010) Workshop on Criminal Law. (150 hours)

(2014-2018) Lawyer employed in independent office.

Lawyer employed at EJASO GLOBAL ETL.