Bespoke legal advice for companies and individuals.

The multidisciplinary team of lawyers at EJASO ETL GLOBAL is qualified to offer bespoke services and on numerous legal matters throughout almost all of Spain and Portugal.

Banking Law
Advisory and/or legal assistance to banks and insurance companies offering a comprehensive service that includes all types of proceedings.
Competition Law. Oil
We are outstanding experts in the energy sector and played an active role in the deregulation of the Spanish fossil fuel sector. Legal representation before the Ordinary Courts, National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC), the European Commission and the European Court of Justice.
All the tools that companies need to access an efficient, bespoke compliance programme, encompassing the Criminal, Competition and Data Protection areas.
Family Law
Extensive experience advising and defending in all aspects of personal and individual estates within the family.
Insurance Law
EJASO ETL Global has extensive experience providing legal advice in the insurance and reinsurance sectors, advising leading national and foreign insurance companies.
Sports Law
Extensive advice on all aspects of the world of sport. An important milestone was EJASO ETL GLOBAL’s success in the well-known Baena case.
Pharmaceutical Law
The Pharmaceutical Law Department at EJASO ETL GLOBAL provides expert advice and legal assistance to companies in the health and pharmaceutical sectors. The pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology sectors are regulated industries, and subject to European, state and regional government laws, requiring a broad knowledge of the applicable legislation and experience in its implementation.
Tax Law
Comprehensive advice on taxation and accounting in the business and estate fields at both national and international levels. From a simple query to claims against the authorities.
Corporate Law
Proven experience advising small, medium and large listed and non-listed companies in different areas: contractual, corporate restructuring, corporate governance, bankruptcy proceedings.
Labour and Employment Law
Helping private and public sector companies and professional business organisations to successfully navigate workplace challenges. Equal employment opportunity compliance advice Legal compliance with health and safety regulations. Legal representation in national and international litigation in courts of all jurisdictions. Specialised trade union and employers’ rights lawyers. Collective bargaining experts. Experts in senior management labour relations.
Latam Desk
As part of the ETL Global platform, Ejaso has an international area of influence that encompasses the world’s leading economies. The LATAM Desk was created to satisfy demand for our expertise and close relationships with partners and contributors throughout Latin America. In addition, to meet all of the needs of customers interested in LATAM Desk, at Ejaso is present in Miami, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Lisbon.
Criminal Law-Economic Law
Comprehensive advice on defence of individuals and organisations. Specialised financial crime team led by the anti-corruption public-prosecutor-on-leave Carlos Castresana.
Public Law
Comprehensive advice to companies regarding relationships with national, regional and local government, on substantive and procedural aspects and litigious administrative review
EJASO ETL GLOBAL has a multidisciplinary department specialised in the e-Sports sector, made up of a team of lawyers with expertise in the several branches of law - labour, commercial, tax, new technologies and intellectual property, with an in-depth understanding of all the specific issues pertaining to the industry.
Debt management
A specialised team of prestigious lawyers led by a judge and a state attorney who have been involved in significant matters such as the Traffic Controllers emergency, the Endesa takeover bid and major Spanish rulings against Spanish oil companies by the antitrust authorities.
Litigation and Arbitration
End-to-end legal advice from initial steps to representation in court. Extensive experience in National Arbitration, International Arbitration and annulment of arbitration awards.
Information Technologies, Data Protection and Intellectual Property
Legal consultancy and expert advice in all matters regarding data protection, technology contracts, intellectual property, internet and e-Commerce.