Committed partners
Our lawyers are kept permanently up-to-date with lifelong training.
Honesty and transparency
True to the principles of advocacy and a strict code of ethics.
Approachable and flexible
We establish trusted lawyer-client relationships.
Efficient and effective
We work as a team to provide excellent legal solutions.

Main milestones

Our many achievements in recent years have put us in our current, leading position.
  • 2013

    Integration of Gabinete 21, a law firm specialised in Commercial and Procedural Law.

  • 2014

    Lawyer recruitment:

    Carlos Castresana, Prosecutor-on-leave of the Criminal Section of the Supreme Court.
    Maria Emilia Casas, Judge of the Constitutional Court in 1998 and President of the Constitutional Court from 2004 to 2011.


  • 2016

    Integration of  EJASO in German firm ETL GLOBAL, Germany’s fifth-ranked professional services firm.

  • 2017

    Integration of Aguayo Abogados in the EJASO ETL GLOBAL structure.

    A strategic alliance to unite the two benchmark law firms within the fossil fuel sector.

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Corporate social responsibility

Ejaso believes in respect for people, furthering society and protecting the environment.
Ejaso believes in respect for people, furthering society and protecting the environment”
EJASO GLOBAL ETL looks upon its work in the business community as a way of being and acting that, beyond professional activity, demands commitment to people and society. Its CSR strategy is based on five values that underpin the firm’s philosophy:
  1. Providing superior customer services by being committed to resolving problems.
  2. Applying the professional standards that characterise the profession.
  3. Encouraging a healthy work-life balance for workers.
  4. Helping those in need through pro-bono work.
  5. Caring for and contributing to improving the environment.
Master Corporate Social Responsibility Plan Code of ethics and professional conduct