Ejaso ETL Global

The firm has a specialised real estate department that advises leading sector companies, offering in-house lawyers to these companies as well as general advice on real estate contracts, sales, swaps, surface rights, purchase options and/or leases…
Real Estate

  • Building contracts
  • Conveyancing
  • Swaps
  • Surface rights
  • Purchase options and/or leases
  • Real estate agency sales
  • Negotiation of all types of property leases and commercial premises in mixed-use buildings, commercial premises in shopping malls, industrial units, logistic warehouses, offices, etc.
  • Development, construction and technical agreements: risk analysis and tax optimisation.
  • Development law: advice on General Urban Development Plans.
  • Organisation of real-estate complexes: advice and analysis of alternatives for building horizontal property and real estate complexes in shopping and leisure centres, hotels, residential, mixed and similar, drafting and negotiating all required legal documents (minutes of deeds of horizontal property and real estate complexes, segregation, grouping, articles of association and regulations…).
  • Tax advice on real estate matters (IVA, ITP, IIVTNU, IRPF and IAE, among others).

We also offer legal advice on legal implications and problems that arise in connection with leases on property and business premises. Claims for unpaid rent and eviction.


  • Building contracts and resolution of issues arising before and during construction
  • Advice building shopping malls, hotels, etc
  • Occupational hazard prevention regulations, labour disputes etc
  • Specific contracts with construction agents