An independent law firm with just one interest: its customers.

Since it was founded in 1984 by attorneys Álvaro Hernando de Larramendi and Alfredo Hernández Pardo, Ejaso has grown until becoming what it is today: a consolidated law firm with great projection that provides companies and individuals with multidisciplinary and specialised legal advice in the main branches of law.

Office Ejaso

Comprehensive legal advice services based on honesty and efficiency

Ejaso offers both preventative and dispute management advice in 11 branches of law and, in particular, in the fields of Labour Law, European and Competition Law, Corporate Law and Tax Law, always based on a relationship of mutual transparency and trust.

A team of over 100 specialised attorneys

In its continuous commitment to talent and excellence, Ejaso has a large team of attorneys whose only goal is to offer the legal solutions that are best suited to the needs of each client.